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ID  Name 
1 Stone Wall
2 Dirt Wall
3 Corrupt Stone Wall
4 Wood Wall
5 Stone Brick Wall
6 Red Brick Wall
7 Dungeon Blue Brick Wall
8 Dungeon Green Brick Wall
9 Dungeon Pink Brick Wall
10 Gold Brick Wall
11 Silver Brick Wall
12 Copper Brick Wall
13 Hellstone Brick Wall
14 Underworld Obsidian Brick Wall
15 Mud Wall
16 Player Dirt Wall
17 Player Blue Brick Wall
18 Player Green Brick Wall
19 Player Pink Brick Wall
20 Player Obsidian Wall
21 Glass Wall
22 Pearlstone Brick Wall
23 Iridescent Brick Wall
24 Mudstone Brick Wall
25 Cobalt Brick Wall
26 Mithril Brick Wall
27 Wood Panelling Wall
28 Fragile Stone Wall
29 Red Candycane Wall
30 Green Candycane Wall
31 Snow Wall

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