The information in this article is for Terraria v1.0.6.1.

This class is responsible for handling all the different item recipes in the game. You probably won't interact with it too too much, but there might be a few cool things you can do with it.


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Name Type Description
createItem Item
needWater bool True if you need to be near water to craft the item.
requiredItem Item[] The required item(s) to craft the item.
requiredTile int[] The required tile(s) to craft the item.

Static PropertiesEdit

Name Type Description
maxRecipes int The maximum amount of recipes.
maxRequirements int The maximum amount of requirements per recipe (tiles?)
numRecipes int The number of recipes.


Method Name Description
public void Create()

This is called when you right click an item in the crafting interface. If you can craft it, then you get the item, otherwise you don't.

  • Returns no value

Static MethodsEdit

Method Name Description
public static void FindRecipes()

Description goes here

  • Returns no value
public static void SetupRecipes()

This is where all the recipes are set up, with the items/tiles needed etc.

  • Returns no value


Depending on how SetupRecipes actually works, you might be able to change recipes on the fly.

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