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Welcome to the tConfig Wiki!
The latest version of tConfig is v0.36

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tConfig is a content creation tool for Terraria, which allows you change existing items or create entirely new ones! It doesn't just stop there, though - in addition to items, you can also change crafting recipes, projectiles, NPCs, monsters, tiles, and pretty much anything you can think of!

Modding with tConfig was carefully designed so that you don't need any programming knowledge to get started, though it will help a lot. For the more advanced users, tConfig also allows you create scripts written in C# which are seamlessly integrated with items and other game objects which allow you to really push the game to its limits.

It's outdated, it doesn't work, but the other one is fine - download this: Accessories 2.0

Click here to download some user-made ModPacks and the tConfig installer.


For more information about tConfig and what it has to offer:

For some information about upcoming patches and the wiki:


These pages explain the basics of how to work with tConfig, and cover a variety of aspects.

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ini Attributes

These pages are a list of all changeable attributes in .ini files for a variety of game objects.

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These pages contain lists of information that about the data that Terraria uses.

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Class Documentation

These pages contain documentation for the different classes and their contents.

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