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Welcome to the tConfig Wiki!
The latest version of tConfig is v0.35.3a

General Information
tConfig is an exciting mod for Terraria which allows you to change the parameters of existing items, recipes, projectiles, NPCs, and a variety of other things, directly through configuration files. With it, you can also create many new items and monsters, too! Modding is very straightforward and does not require any programming knowledge to get started.

Here are a variety of meta pages that might be worth checking out:

To begin, simply start with the first few tutorials in the box below. They'll walk you through the process of getting the mod working, installing mods, and even creating your own!

Class Reference Pages

These pages contain documentation for the different classes and their contents as you would find in a vanilla Terraria installation.

A * indicates missing information, but has the correct formatting applied.

List of Type Values

These pages contain the default data that Terraria uses. When programming, you might have to refer to "type" - this is a comprehensive list on every single one!

Also worth including might be different lists of things like holdStyles and bodyTypes, etc. Misc stuff that would be helpful in general.

These pages contain documentation for the different classes and their contents as you would find in a vanilla Terraria installation.

The pages in the blue box have an acceptable format and content, while those below the boxes still require updating.


These pages explain the basics of how to work with tConfig, and are a must read for new modders (and are a decent resource for experienced ones)

Surfpup is maintaining a mod pack containing examples of various types of items that can be created - download here

Those of you who would like to make more drastic changes to the game might want to learn how to decompile Terraria and start making changes to the code directly. I have made a patcher to patch the decompiled code with all the changes in tConfig, for those that would like to take advantage of the features tConfig provides - it includes the ability to easily compile the server and rebuild the Installer whenever you recompile the game.

.ini Attribute Reference Pages

These pages list the attributes that may be used in .ini files to make changes. Their use should be pretty straight forward. (information may be redundant with classes - these pages might work as a "beginner's list" of effects)

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