• Cphlebas

    Game progression design concepts:
    1. Hard spawns- in order to create a new spawn point , you need wood, silk, and iron. Moving any one of those resources away from the spawn creates a travel challenge.
    example: desert island start
    2. Progression alternatives- not knowing what the next step will be encourages exploration and adaptation.
    3. Chokepoints-
    i. No corruption. No corruption means no shadows orbs, no meteorites, no demonite.
    a. Alternate low-level boss that must be found. Killing a boss summons dryad, allow purchase of corruption powder.
    b. Cthulu cult. Cult has a church. Killing the cult (or aiding them?) creates the corruption. bonus for lore and world-building
    c. alternate ore- see ore thieves.
    ii. Ore thieves. Remove all of …

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