Hello! Poro here! I made this tutorial, because there was not a tutorial for it, even though many modders already made walls.

Making a wall is not much different from making a tile.

This tutorial is based off of Obsidian54's Ice Wall.

To start: You will need a wall .ini, a sprite, a item .ini and a sprite of the wall. In this tutorial, the wall is called "Demonite Wall".

Making the Wall's .iniEdit

First, make a folder in your modpack called 'Wall'.

Then, set this in the .ini file:

;Same as the type=-1 for items.
;So it can be used for housing.
dropName=Demonite Wall
;The item that is dropped by the wall.
;Set to the ID that the wall combines with when laid side to side. Needs to be
-1 for a custom tile to combine itself.

Making the Wall's PictureEdit

I'm not so good at spriting, so I used the default sprite of the Grey Brick Wall (You can always use it as a template)

Wall 5

Grey Brick Wall

(Be sure to leave the blank places blank, or you'll get a messed up sprite)

Making the wall's ItemEdit

Put this in the item's .ini:

[in the item folder]

;size of your item (hitbox)
;for a custom wall
;general wall-creating items usestyle
;Item is used every 1/4 second
;I think you know this
createWallName=Demonite Brick Wall
;so the item leaves your hands
;like all other wall-creating items
;nothing special, you may turn it to False if you want
;(lets you turn to the wall-create place if True)
;size of your item (picture)
Items=1 Demonite Brick
Tiles=Work Bench
;insert what you want

Note: Don't forget the item sprite!

Item 577

Demonite Brick Wall Item (this pic is the demonite brick)

Final WordEdit

I hope this tutorial is satisfactory. You can always take a look at the wall attributes page here:

Add your own sprites, I'm not good at spriting at all, and have a nice day!

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